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Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the possibilities of businesses by transforming data from multiple sources into meaningful information.

Understanding the factors that influence products and customers is the key to growth. Gain a competitive advantage with data architecture and data analysis tools that can have a cross-cutting impact, from product quality and process efficiency to customer acquisition and patient outcomes.


Our artificial intelligence services turn data into actionable information. With personalized analytics and easily accessible reporting tools like dashboards and scorecards, you can see real-time results, spot growth opportunities, and make informed decisions.


Augmented intelligence

Help organizations take all the necessary steps to develop AI-powered products and solutions. Our goal is to enable organizations to take full advantage of the data collected and extract valuable business insights by designing, implementing and integrating AI into their processes and new ways of working.

Next Generation Data Lakes

Unleash the value of structured and unstructured data, including plain text, images, streaming, and video with warehousing processes and tools. Our experts will guide your organization in its migration from aging platforms to modern solutions to give you access to information that previously escaped analysis.

Data governance

Understand the value and meaning of your data through our data governance services. We develop processes to ensure efficient and compliant management of data throughout the organization.

Business intelligence

Transform data capital into customer knowledge, by strengthening performance monitoring, information discovery and data culture. Our goal is to maximize the measurable business impact throughout the lifespan of the program.

Data Science & Data Engineering

Support our clients on a wide range of data science and engineering projects, such as implementing big data infrastructure and building end-to-end machine learning products to extract valuable business information. Our data science and engineering teams help organizations better understand their customers, predict future patterns and behaviors, and prevent unanticipated costs. 


Au supermarché
AI-driven Demand Planning


Design  and development of algorithms to  to improve  SKU sales predictions to improve inventory management and increase sales

Navire de charge au port
Dynamic supply chain management


Design and implementation of algorithms for dynamic supply chain management allowing  reduce  carbon impact and increase resilience

Dynamic marketing budget allocation


Design and development of algorithms to select the best digital channels to maximize customer acquisition 


Unlock the potential of your data

Real-time data collection and analysis can help reveal new opportunities for growth and resilience and help make better-informed decisions. Our experts will help establish the underlying infrastructure and facilitate implementation.

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