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The digital economy is undergoing rapid change that affects all aspects of our lives and this is just the start of a progress that will continue to gain momentum.

Our  consultants  support companies of all sizes to understand the impacts of new technologies on the evolution of their sectors, to understand how they can stay one step ahead in an ever-changing digital market and how to take advantage of these new technologies to create a sustainable, responsible, inclusive and resilient growth  while protecting against induced security threats


Digital strategy

Design a digital strategy that combines strategic vision, cultural change and capacity for implementation, while taking advantage of the enormous opportunities arising from technological innovations.

Each step of the digital strategy is personalized according to your situation.


Use collective intelligence to discover the real problems to be solved. We then strive to accelerate innovation to solve these problems taking into account the whole ecosystem. We think beyond preconceived models, we follow an iterative, non-linear three-step process: Disruptive Creativity, Rigorous Analysis, and Disciplined Execution.

Management of the transformation

Get teams on board, permanently change the way they work together, break down silos and innovate for a new experience of piloting digital transformation. This is what we offer through an approach resolutely focused on advice and innovation.


Accelerate transformation


Accelerate the deployment and adoption of a collaborative platform for 55,000 employees at 4,000 points of sale thanks to a pragmatic, agile and employee-centric approach

Accelerate growth


Accelerate the growth of a public works machinery distributor in Africa by digitizing relationships with customers and suppliers and by offering innovative digital services

Accelerate innovation


Establish a culture and an approach including all employees through an innovation lab to offer services that meet new customer uses


Improve your competitiveness

Innovating is the only way to stay relevant in today's ultra-competitive market. Our unique approach combining in-depth knowledge of your industry, cutting-edge technology and creative thinking will allow you to deliver results in just a matter of weeks.

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